Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Paleo Diet in the News

Dear Readers,

The Paleo Diet
and Dr. Cordain's work have been cited in recent articles in the following media:


  1. I was trying to access "Cordain L. Syndrome X: Just the tip of the hyperinsulinemia iceberg. Medikament 2001; 6:46-51." on the paleo diet website but it opens in a foreign language. Is there any way I could get a copy of this paper in English? My email address is Thank you for your help.

  2. Good to see Paleo eating making it more and more into the mainstream. You might enjoy a humor piece about the movement that my wife and I wrote. Loren Cordain gets a joke of his own

    Here it is.

  3. I can never get a decent answer to my question regarding eggs so I will try here. My family eats Paleo and I had always thought that eating eggs (egg yolks, specifically) were perfectly ok. Afterall, nature intended the egg to be whole, so why not eat it whole rather than separating the yolk and white. I also thought the cholesterol issue regarding the yolk is truly erroneous. However, now I am reading comments here and there via these newlsetters to only include one or two yolks in my omelettes. Why?
    Any clarification and/or information would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you!

  4. John Durant who was featured in the New York Times article also appeared as a guest on the Colbert Report (Feb 3rd).

    And Vlad Averbukh, also from the Times article, was more recently interviewed and filmed by the American Free Press. (Feb 6th)

    The interest in the Paleo diet and lifestyle seems to be gaining momentum.

  5. As a result of the Maclean's article I was interviewed last week on a radio station in Canada about the Paleo diet.

  6. Is the Paleo diet effective for fibromyalgia?
    Please discuss.

  7. Hi

    I have been following the Paleo diet for a couple of months now, and I’ve never been healthier or more full of energy.

    However, I have a question regarding the consumption of nuts. In his book, Cordain specifies that 4 ounces is the daily limit for those who are trying to lose weight. I am not overweight; I am looking to maintain my current size. At present I would say that I eat way more than 4 ounces of nuts per day as they are my favourite snack. I stick mainly to walnuts and macadamias, with a couple of others types of nuts thrown in, but I was wondering if there is a suggested limit for people who are just looking to maintain their current weight?

    Fremantle, Western Australia.

  8. How much of a gut irritant is alcohol compared to other gut irritants?
    I am asking as I have auto-immune thyroid disease, I have cut out dairy, nightshades, eggs, grains and legumes, but do enjoy a small (4 oz) glass of wine most evenings sipped slowly. Would this contribute to thyroid antibodies?

  9. Thought you might be interested in this 60 minutes piece from New Zealand - Maori taking part in a 10 week trial following a pre-European diet



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