Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dr. Cordain Interview on CBS Sunday Morning - 11.22.09

Dear Readers,

We invite you to watch a recorded interview with Dr. Cordain on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood Sunday, November 22. Follow the link below to view the show's air time in your area (US readers).;contentAux


  1. Dear Loren Cordain,

    In the newsletter v5 #24, you recommend breastfeeding until at least 1-1.5 years.

    Is there a chance that auto-antibodies can be passed on to the child through mothers milk so that the child has greater risk in developing autoimmune disease? If that is the case, is it better to stop breastfeeding and start giving solid paleo food earlier?

    Do you know if auto-antibodies pass on to the child during pregnancy?

    Sincerely, Ohana

  2. I just discovered this Paleo blog !

    I have been eating a Paleo diet (low carb one) since I discovered it three and a half years ago. I've read Dr Cordain's book and others and subscribed to Dr Cordain's newsletter since it started. I have osteoporosis, diabetes (non typical, I've always been thin and never eaten junk food), and a congenital heart defect. I started the Paleo diet when I realized that I had an intolerance to grains and dairy. I feel so fit and healthy now !

    Re the above post - for the first two years of his life my son would accept very little food other than breast milk and he thrived. He was healthy and grew well despite, or because of, only having breast milk - it provided enough and complete nourishment for him. When he began to accept solids he still continued to breastfeed until he was five years old. He's now twenty and has always been extremely healthy, hardly ever any colds, no other illnesses and no dental decay at all. He recently had his wisdom teeth extracted because they were impacted but the oral surgeon remarked on his good dentition, I'm sure it was because of breast feeding for so long.



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