Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why is there an epidemic of short-sightedness?

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Dr. Cordain's research on myopia and diet has been quoted in an article in The Guardian. Please click one of the links below to view the full text.

Why is there an epidemic of short-sightedness?


  1. I started the Paleo diet today and by 11 a.m. had a pounding headache. I stopped drinking coffee a couple of weeks ago so it's not caffeine withdrawal. Any comment or suggestions?

  2. For someone who has had myopia since late teens (also suffered very bad acne & can link the two together as coming from having a very high sugar intake) & who has recently gone Paleo, what are the chances of the myopia improving? I've noticed a shift in my eyesight. I wear contact lenses all the time & feel like I need weaker contacts rather than stronger ones (currently -2.25). Is there any possible mechanism by which I would experience an improvement?


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